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Published: Nov 28, 2015 4:27:25 PM
Forces of Geek features columns and commentary on all aspects of geek culture including pop culture, technology, art, television, comics, music, fashion, film, literature and video games. The premiere Geek Culture community online, forcesofgeek.com wants you to discover and embrace the unknown, the forgotten, and the beloved.
  • Nov 25, 2015 7:30:20 PM

    And suddenly, we're at Thanksgiving!

    This year has flown by, which means all that we have left is shopping, Star Wars, a Doctor Who Christmas special and then goodbye 2015 and hello 2016.

    But first, Thanksgiving, then Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

    Our friends at SuperHeroStuff have got some major promotions that are so good, you might want to buy yourself a little something or two along with those on your holiday gift list.

    On Black Friday, they're launching a special limited edition HeroBox.  Their HeroBoxes usually  jam packed with a shirt & bonus items you won’t find anywhere else and are centered around a particular theme (and there are usually two different price tiers available).  I can't begin to imagine what they're doing to top their regular boxes with this new, themed HeroBox.

    Also there are over 1000+ items on sale from 20-30% off.  Any order over $75 includes a free T-shirt!  Plus they are offering 13% off order $35 or more (use the code TURKEY13).

    Savings will continue on Cyber Monday, but there will be even more items marked down.  Also on Cyber Monday SuperHeroStuff will launch daily Doorbuster Flash Sales, where there will be promotions in limited quantities at 25% off!

    Don't believe me? Check in out HERE!
  • Nov 25, 2015 5:00:01 PM

    For whatever reasons, call it fate, call it luck, call it karma, I believe things happen for a reason.  I believe that we were destined to love Ghostbusters.  From the long tradition of horror comedies (including two personal favorites, Bob Hope in The Ghost Chasers and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein), Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis wrote, not only a perfect comedy, but a film that will forever be considered a masterpiece in the eyes of generations of viewers.

    The movie is one of the most quotable of all time.  And what makes it even better is that every character has quotable lines.  How many movies can claim that?  The new book, Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History, is a love letter to the film (though there's a fair amount of coverage to all parts of the franchise) and shouldn't be missed by any fan of the series. And like many other of Insight Editions beautiful books, there's plenty of ephemera stuffed within including a Ghostbusters business card, Star Magazine cover "Ghostbusters Save Mayor", Gozer temple plans and a Stay-Puft Marshmallows sticker.

    Here's the publisher's take on the book:

    The official franchise legacy book, Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History looks back at three decades of ghostbusting fun. Covering the production of the first two films in extensive detail, this deluxe book includes rare behind-the-scenes images and in-depth commentary from cast and crew, including director Ivan Reitman and stars Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Sigourney Weaver.

    In the introduction, Reitman reflects back on the beginnings of the franchise, a time that he calls “the happiest creative experience of my life.” He writes, “I’m often asked if I had any idea that Ghostbusters would turn into the record-breaking financial success and worldwide cultural phenomenon that it became. I often answer by recalling the moment that I first witnessed Bill, Dan, Harold, and Ernie fully outfitted in ghostbusters gear, walking casually down Madison Avenue just as I was lining up the first shot of the movie. There was something remarkably iconic about the way they looked together on that street. It sent a shiver up my spine, and I instantly felt that something special was about to happen.”

    The book also explores the entire Ghostbusters universe, including comics, toys, video games, and the animated shows The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters. Filled with removable items, as well as never-before-seen photographs and concept art from the Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. archives, Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History mixes an in-depth narrative with stunning visuals to deliver the last word on one of the most popular franchises of all time.

    After the jump check out some excerpts from the book and find out how you can win one of the two copies that we're giving away courtesy of our friends at Insight Editions.

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  • Nov 25, 2015 4:00:12 PM

    Alchemy is thrilled to announce the home entertainment release of the real life romantic comedy, MEET THE PATELS, directed by Geeta V. Patel and Ravi V. Patel. The charming documentary stars family members, Ravi V. Patel (TV’s “Grandfathered”), Champa V. Patel, Vasant K. Patel and Geeta V. Patel. MEET THE PATELS has a running time of 88 minutes, is rated PG and will be available on DVD and Early EST on January 26, 2016.

    MEET THE PATELS is a laugh-out-loud real life romantic comedy about Ravi Patel, an almost-30-year-old Indian-American who enters a love triangle between the woman of his dreams...and his parents. This hilarious and heartwarming film reveals how love is a family affair.

  • Nov 26, 2015 10:31:50 AM

    Besides the announcement that The Force Awakens has been officially rated PG-13, there was really nothing else of note in terms of news this week besides some more 30 second TV spots that NEED TO STOP!

    Come on Disney, I know you’re trying to make that paper, but please leave something to the imagination.

    This week we’ll take a deep dive into the first two issues of the comic book crossover event Vader Down.

    I also happen to get my hands on the inaugural offering in the latest line of Funko’s exclusive subscription box, Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty.

    Let’s walk that Rancor and put the Ewoks to bed because it’s time to go to light speed and take another journey on the Road to Episode VII.

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  • Nov 25, 2015 2:00:00 PM

    You all know Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz even if you think you don't! Dan and Fernando have been taking care of the Archie Comics characters for years now and this Kickstarter Korner is dedicated to their latest creator owned project, Die Kitty Die!

    By the time you read this on Wednesday, they've reached their goal, but that doesn't mean you can't contribute. On the contrary, the model for this Kickstarter is that the rewards get better as the stretch grows.

    Dan took the time to talk to us today about this very exciting new universe of characters and the world of Kitty Ravencraft, comic book hero and real life witch who is being hunted down by her greedy comic book publisher in Die Kitty Die!

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  • Nov 25, 2015 1:00:01 PM
    Review by Lily Fierro
    Written and illustrated by Jeremy Sorese
    Published by Nobrow Press
    Released on November 17, 2015
    ISBN-10: 191062005X /  ISBN-13: 978-1910620052
    Price: $19.95

    When you open up Curveball, you cannot in any right mind deny Jeremy Sorese’s impeccable visual style, one so exquisite and palpable that you wish his futuristic, science fiction city and his sea actually existed.  In fact, the artwork was so bold and outstanding that I let out a bit of a gasp when I opened up the first page and demanded my husband to look at it before I continued to read further.

    Sadly, I wish I could offer the same praise for the narrative of the novel.  Underneath the robots, the space scooters, and the sparks (catastrophic bursts of energy that attempt to restore energy homeostasis in the Curveball world) lies a basic love story of longing and pining, one as emotionally complex as any of Jane Austen’s tales of repressed and then reconciled love in the Victorian era.

    Though Avery, the protagonist, is a genderqueer individual, she lacks any personality elements beyond their longing for Christophe who is away at sea, making them as forgettable of a character as any in a romantic novel/sitcom/film where the lead protagonist becomes consumed by his/her/their love for someone who does not feel the same in return.

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  • Nov 25, 2015 12:00:06 PM
    It's the holiday weekend, and you're stuck at home, possibly after traveling over the river and through the woods with the assistance of Google Maps.

    While most of your family is passed out in a food coma around the living room, what better time could there be to binge on some Netflix.

    You could catch up on the new season of Hemlock Grove or twist the minds of your younger cousins with Sense 8, or of course there's Jennifer Jones getting all the buzz this week.

    OR you could truly go down a dark hole with these turkeys that I've hand picked for you.

    These are some seriously bad titles, but watching them is more guilty pleasure fun than that gelatinous can-shaped cranberry sauce.

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  • Nov 25, 2015 11:00:00 AM

    What makes a group a cult?

    Is it a fanatical belief in something absurd? Well, that would take in a LOT of groups we see as benign in this culture. A charismatic leader who has bad intentions that are only revealed in the last reel?

    There again…a lot of groups.

    For these two movies, it’s a group of people who control and brainwash others in order to get what they want.

    Very often, these things are nefarious.

    They also make for very compelling viewing.

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  • Nov 25, 2015 10:00:08 AM

    Filling in gaps between the wildly popular NBC series Heroes and successful reboot of the franchise, Heroes Reborn, German publisher Bastei Lübbe AG, in a joint multi-platform venture with Imperative Entertainment, released the entire eBook and audiobook series based on Heroes Reborn on November 20, 2015. This series answers many of the burning questions in the Heroes universe and gives fans the unique opportunity to stay connected to Heroes Reborn during the show’s brief hiatus after the November 19 midseason finale.

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  • Nov 25, 2015 12:19:29 PM

    There was a very interesting moment on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago.

    Sure, it already was a very special episode; comedian Tracy Morgan returned to public life after he was seriously injured in a fatal car crash.

    The fake 30 Rock clip with Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer was pretty special, sure. The revivals of Brian Fellow, Woodrow and Astronaut Jones were pretty great.

    (I will argue till the cows come home that Astronaut Jones is one of the best pieces of “blackout” sketch comedy ever invented.)

    Morgan even brought out his fabulous talent of comical thug-tears emotional shouting to the lovably absurd “Standoff.” There’s nothing fancy about the short film, just a simple joke about a man asking another man in tense bar situation, “Wanna dance?” and meaning it literally. “You don’t wanna put a rose in my mouth?” Brilliant.

    Even the 10-to-1 sketch “Yo! Where Jackie Chan At Right Now?” had such stupid energy. When Morgan and Kenan Thompson go to Da Chief from “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?”, I was rolling.

    But for me, the most interesting moment came during the "Family Feud: Extended Family" sketch:

    1. There were enough black people in the cast – Leslie Jones, Jay Pharoah, Sasheer Zumata – to make an entire family.

    2. It wasn’t even all of them; Kenan Thompson was busy playing Steve Harvey.

    3. None of the family members on the team was Morgan. So many times SNL roped its black hosts into sketches that needed a black person to be in them for it to work.

    4. The joke? Morgan did play the patriarch of the family. But he has divorced the mother and appears with his new wife and stepkids as the competing team.

    Cue the hosannas! Talk about when diversity works for you.

    Of course, for all these changes, SNL still finds ways to backslide. Having Donald Trump host is among some of the worst decisions in the show’s entire history, and for several different reasons.

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  • Nov 25, 2015 8:00:00 AM
    Special Features Include Fifth Harmony Music Video,
    Sing-Along Scary-oke, Deleted Scenes, and more

    In this all-new monster comedy adventure, everything seems to be changing for the better at Hotel Transylvania! However, Drac is worried that his adorable half-human, half-vampire grandson, Dennis, isn’t showing signs of being a vampire. So while Mavis is on vacation, things get batty as Drac enlists his monster friends Frank, Murray, Wayne and Griffin to put Dennis through a “monster-in-training” boot camp!

    Sony Pictures Animation’s monster family box-office hit HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2, which grossed more than $430 million in theaters worldwide to date, will debut on Digital HD Dec. 22, just in time for holiday viewing and on Blu-ray 3D™ Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD on Jan. 12 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The Hotel Transylvania sequel reunites ‘Drac’s Pack’ of loveable characters, led by “Vampa” Drac (Adam Sandler, Grown-Ups) as they try to put Mavis (Selena Gomez, Spring Breakers) and Johnny’s (Andy Samberg, TV’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) son Dennis through a “monster-in-training” boot camp to bring out his vampire side. But little do they know that Drac’s grumpy and very old, old, old school dad Vlad (comedy legend Mel Brooks) is about to pay the family a visit to the hotel. And when Vlad finds out that his great-grandson is not a pure blood and humans are now welcome at Hotel Transylvania, it doesn’t take long for things to get batty!

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  • Nov 25, 2015 7:00:03 AM

    If you’ve seen the documentary Atari: Game Over then you know what possibly happened to the infamous Atari E.T. games. But what about all those other awesome games that came loaded on blocky cartridges and floppy disks?

    The gaming industry moves at a lightning pace. Games seem to disappear as quickly as they came, even if they were once extremely popular. Most of the time it’s an issue of the technology being phased out, others fall victim to having a limited audience. Given that the U.S. video game industry pumps out hundreds of new releases every year to the tune of $6.1 billion in sales, it’s understandable that some labels simply get buried.

    Now one company is bringing games back from the brink of extinction by using the power of the Internet – technology that still isn’t obsolete in the gaming world.

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  • Nov 25, 2015 6:00:09 AM

    A new casino resort in Macau, China is bringing Gotham City to life. The £1.2 billion attraction will feature a complex of rides, bars, restaurants and hotel rooms alongside the new casino. At the centre of the building, the main feature is a 426ft Ferris wheel: the tallest in Asia, according to developers. Studio City has secured Time Warner's permission to use the Batman franchise for the new resort, which has been put together by Lawrence Ho and Melco Crown Entertainment.

    The building itself was designed to look just like Gotham City, the dark city inhabited by Batman and his nemeses.

    First published by DC Comics in 1939, the Batman series has been loved by generations of children and adults since. The towering skyscrapers and bright lights of the new casino look just like the screen images of the city, so from the moment you arrive at the casino you know something special is about to happen. Inside, the rides and attractions are built into the complex itself, so you can try out different experiences as you go.

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  • Nov 25, 2015 3:15:02 PM

    Aaaaand, drop the mic.  That's it.  We're caught up (at least until tomorrow).  Check out some great films and might very well be the answer to what to watch this Thanksgiving weekend.

    Fire up that queue and prep that shopping cart, it's that time of the week.

    Léon: The Professional Cinema Series 

    Sony / Released 10/27/15

    Jean Reno stars with Gary Oldman and Natalie Portman. When a psychotic Federal Agent wipes out her entire family, twelve-year-old Mathilda is taken in be her neighbor, Léon, a quiet man whose only interests are his houseplants, movie musicals and killing people. Léon's a professional assassin, a gentle soul who happens to be the best hit man in the business. When the revenge-obsessed waif insists on becoming his protege, Léon reluctantly agrees and begins teaching her the tricks of his trade. But when Mathilda's rash attempt to murder the Fed ends in her capture, it's up to Leon to try to rescue the girl before it's too late. Extras include restoration of both theatrical and unrated cuts of the film, featurettes and trailer.

    Last Word:  Innocence lost might be the inherent theme in Luc Besson's film, The Professional as it captures three very different people moving toward major life choices.

    Léon, an emotionally and socially stunted hitman who takes his young neighbor, Mathilda under his wing after her family is brutally murdered. Mathilda trains to be Léon's protégé, "a cleaner", learning the rules and methods to kill.  This unique take on Pygmalion, takes a violent turn as  Unfortunately, the killer of Mathilda's parents want to make sure that there are no loose ends, putting her in danger.  The fact that the killer is a corrupt DEA agent (played with over the top crazy by Oldman), the film once again continues Besson's fascination with good, evil and various shades of grey.  The Professional is an electric, over-the-top pulp exercise with amazing performances (especially Portman in her feature film debut).  Like the other entries in the Cinema Series, it's never looked or sounded better.  Highly recommended.

    The Final Girls 

    Sony / Released 11/3/15

    When Max (Taissa Farmiga) and her friends reluctantly attend an anniversary screening of Camp Bloodbath, the infamous '80s horror film that starred Max's late mother (Malin Akerman), they are mysteriously sucked into the silver screen. They soon realize they are trapped inside the cult classic movie and must team up with the fictional and ill-fated camp counselors, including Max's mom as the scream queen, to battle the film's machete-wielding killer. With the body count rising in scene after iconic scene, who will be the final girls left standing and live to escape this film? The Final Girls is a genre-blending horror comedy also starring Adam DeVine, Thomas Middleditch, Alia Shawkat with Alexander Ludwig and Nina Dobrev. Extras include alternate endings and deleted & extended scenes with director's commentary, cast and crew commentary, writer's commentary, and featurettes.

    Last Word: A love letter to the genre, The Final Girls plays like a horror version of The Last Action Hero, as the cast finds themselves trapped within an Eighties slasher film.  It's a tremendously entertaining and like Scream, is aware of the genre's tropes and plays with them all the way through the credits.  The film is a testament to fandom, acknowledging both the nostalgia and genuine appreciation enthusiasm. The Final Girls is film about the love and appreciation of a cult classic.  And as a result will likely become a cult classic in itself.


    Warner Bros. / Released 11/3/15

    The next generation of Griswolds are on the road again for another hilarious, ill-fated family adventure. Following in his father’s footsteps, a grown-up Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) surprises his wife, Debbie (Christina Applegate), and their two sons with a cross-country road trip back to America’s “favorite family fun park,” Walley World. What could go wrong? Extras include featurettes, gag reel and deleted scenes.

    Last Word: Of the original Vacation films, I've never been much of a fan beyond the original film.  After seeing this abysmal reboot, I'm soured enough that if I never see Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo on screen together again, that will be too soon.  This is an ugly, mean spirited movie.  The most charismatic character is Chris Hemsworth's gargantuan artificial penis (it's certainly a better performance than the two younger Griswold boys).  Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Leslie Mann and Chris Hemsworth are far too talented for this dreck and some of the supporting roles/cameos reek of favors called in (I'm looking at you Charlie Day, Keegan Michael Key, Regina Hall, Tim Heidecker, Ron Livingston, Nick Kroll, Michael Peña and Colin Hanks).  Fortunately, this cash-grab's failure might be the last for this tired franchise.  Writer-directors Jonthan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are writing the new Spider-Man film.  I truly hope it's better than this.

    Mr. Holmes

    Lionsgate/ Released 11/10/15

    See the world's most famous detective as you've never seen him before, portrayed by acting legend Ian McKellen in this ingeniously plotted suspense-thriller. For thirty years, Sherlock Holmes has been haunted by his final case, one that remains unsolved. Now, spurred by a mysterious trip to Japan, Holmes quietly slips out of retirement to confront the ghosts of his past - and a spellbinding mystery that will take all of his deductive powers to solve. Extras include featurettes.

    Last Word: An interesting take on the Holmes mythos set in the twilight years of his life is less cerebral and more sluggish.  McKellan is excellent as always, but there's little intriguing about the mystery that's afoot.  The film's real power is in the performance by child actor Milo Parker, who provides the only genuine spark in the film and his relationship with Holmes provides the only heart in the film.  That being said, the third act is the most engaging and makes sitting through the first two worth the viewing.

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  • Nov 25, 2015 3:14:23 PM

    The struggle between artistic integrity and capitalism is at the core of Swim Little Fish Swim, a quirky drama from French filmmakers Lola Bessis and Ruben Amar.
    Between surrealism, unusual characters, art and magic tricks, Swim Little Fish Swim, the first feature from the writing-directing duo, is a dreamlike journey from childhood to adulthood that has received numerous awards and international acclaim at more than 100 film festivals including SXSW, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Gen Art Film Festival (NYC), Jerusalem Film Festival and more.

    Folding together quirky musicians, up tight art dealers, couch surfers and other newbie New Yorkers and set against the romantic backdrop of a New York City where hopeful artists cluster, where dreams are stronger than reality [and] where all of life is made up of 'the substance of things hoped for, Swim Little Fish Swim centers around adamantly unemployed musician Leeward (Dustin Guy Defa) and his wife Mary (Brooke Bloom), a beleaguered hospital nurse who's quickly becoming resentful of her irresponsible husband.

    While Mary works long draining hours, Leeward, who fancies himself a misunderstood artist and a New Age visionary, composes songs with instruments he makes from his three year old daughter's toys. Enter Lilas (co-director Bessis), a 19-year-old French artist and daughter of a world famous painter, trying to make it in New York's contemporary art scene and escape her overbearing mother. And when the bubbly young woman moves into Leeward and Mary's tiny Chinatown apartment, the couple's already tenuous relationship is upset even further. Will Leeward bear down, get a job composing jingles and meet his responsibilities, or will his chance meeting with Lilas send him down a path that will make his dreams come true?

    And we're giving away three of Swim Little Fish Swim to Forces of Geek readers!

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  • Nov 23, 2015 3:00:03 PM

    I was wandering through that depths of the internet earlier this week when I stumbled on to a preview for some weird, new Disney sci-fi “epic” called Star Wars. Never heard of it, but with all the robots and lasers I imagine it some sort of hipster attempt at a space drama that’ll never go anywhere.

    Whatever, Disney; we all know it’s just you guys trying to revive a classic franchise.

    And that franchise is Disney’s own 1979 classic The Black Hole.

    The Black Hole revolves around the crew of the USS Palomino is returning to Earth some time ago in a star cluster super-far away.

    Captain Dan Holland (Robert Forster), First Officer Lieutenant Charlie Pizer (Joseph Bottoms), journalist Harry Booth (Ernest Borgnine), ESP-sensitive scientist Dr. Kate McCrae (Yvette Mimieux), the expedition's civilian leader Dr. Alex Durant (Anthony Perkins) and the robot V.I.N.CENT ("Vital Information Necessary CENTralized" – voiced by Roddy McDowall).

    They come across a spaceship near a black hole that appears to be a lost vessel: USS Cygnus. Oh, and get this; it was the same ship McCrae’s father was on when it disappeared.

    More importantly, get this!

    This movie has Robert Forster, Ernest Borgnine, Anthony Perkins AND Roddy McDowall!

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  • Nov 23, 2015 1:00:00 PM

    Books are for the most part the beginning of storytelling, allowing us to record our imaginations in written form and bringing fantastic worlds, characters and creatures to life. While this medium might have evolved over the years into new forms such as films, TV and games, books can still play an integral role within a story.

    Well the team at myprint247 took a look through our favourite fictitious books that never existed or in other words the greatest fiction within fiction. From the Handbook for the Recently Deceased in Beetlejuice to Alan Partridges very own autobiography or perhaps a survival guide to the Wasteland in Fallout, some may be there to help or guide the protagonist(’s) while others are purely to make the landscape more immersive.

    So take a look at the infographic after the jump and let us know which book you would like to read (although chances are you never can).

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  • Nov 23, 2015 11:00:02 AM
    Review by Marla Singer
    Produced by David Permut, Matt Ratner, Rick Rosenthal
    Written and Directed by Stephen Belber
    Starring Patrick Stewart, Carla Gugino, Matthew Lillard

    Written and directed by Stephen Belber, Match offers plenty of surprises in both plot and performance.

    The 89 minute drama is centered on Patrick Stewart’s high-spirited Tobias (Tobi), a master dance teacher at Juilliard with a lifetime of memories, having traveled the world as a renowned dance choreographer.

    But when he is interviewed by a young couple, Lisa (Carla Gugino) and Mike (Matthew Lillard), for what was meant to be a dissertation about his days with dance, Tobi is unexpectedly forced to confront painful decisions he thought he had left in the past.

    The film feels like it’s stage-inspired with long, wordy rants and desperate, high-stakes emotion, more like a play á la God of Carnage or Seminar, but in a compelling way, not a boring one. 

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  • Nov 23, 2015 9:00:01 AM
    Written by Alex C. Telander

    Book Advent Calendars
    If you like advent calendars and books, here are some truly great ones.

    Parenting as a Reader 
    As a parent choosing which books you read to your child is an important life decision and here's some advice on that.

    Nanowrimo Inspiring Words
    Some inspiring words from authors for those plowing through the challenge that is Nanowrimo. 

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  • Nov 23, 2015 7:00:01 AM
    Nickelodeon Ho-Ho Holiday Special Hour-long Variety Show Premieres Saturday, Dec. 5, at 8pm (ET/PT), Followed by the Make It Pop Holiday Episode “The Gift” at 9pm (ET/PT)

    Sanjay and Craig with Special Guest Dolph Lundgren

    Nickelodeon decks its programming this holiday season with a merry lineup of premieres and specials from the network’s hit live-action, animation and preschool series. Beginning Saturday, Nov. 28, the month-long celebration features holiday premieres of Game Shakers, Henry Danger, Make It Pop, Sanjay and Craig, Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Breadwinners, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Mutt & Stuff and Shimmer and Shine on Nickelodeon.

    On Saturday, Dec. 5, Nick stars gather for the biggest holiday party in a brand-new variety show, Nickelodeon Ho-Ho Holiday Special, premiering 8 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon. The hour-long fest features the casts of The Thundermans, Bella and the Bulldogs, Henry Danger, 100 Things to do Before High School and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn along with musical performances and comedy sketches.

    Nick Jr. also unwraps a week-long preschool celebration of jolly-themed premieres of Fresh Beat Band of Spies, Little Charmers, Peter Rabbit and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, starting Thursday, Dec. 10.

    After the jump is a rundown of Nickelodeon’s holiday-themed premieres:

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  • Nov 25, 2015 6:48:35 PM

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens lands in UK cinemas on December 17th, and anticipation is already running high. It has been a whole decade since the last movie was released, so fans are getting very excited. Merchandise is already on sale, and there are a whole host of ways to bring the artwork of the movie to your own home.

    Get ready for the big release and add some Star Wars themed prints to your walls today.

    Canvas prints are a fantastic way to create art out of the movies you love. You can relive your favourite scenes over again and make a unique feature that adds drama to your living space. Easy to hang yourself and available in a variety of sizes, canvas prints give you the ability to customise any room. They are perfect for rented homes as they do not damage walls, and they can be changed or moved whenever you like to suit your tastes.

    Star Wars merchandise has supported the film franchise for years and fans are committed to acquiring collectibles and memorabilia from the series. The Force Awakens looks set to smash box office records and is sure to be a huge hit with audiences, so the demand for Star Wars products is high. With the holiday season just around the corner, Star Wars gifts are sure to be high on fans' wish lists as well. Consider picking up some Star Wars canvas prints for yourself or a loved one.

    Star Wars is a classic series and loved by millions. Iconic scenes from the movies are recognised the world over. When you are looking for a scene to immortalise on canvas, you will be spoiled for choice. Consider some of the following suggestions for your own wall:

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  • Nov 22, 2015 11:38:32 PM
    Photo: Pedro Sala

    We already know that online bingo is geekishly very popular. But do we know just how many people play the game – and who these people are in terms of their socio-demographic profile?

    Well – yes we do, to a certain extent anyway, but the numbers and profiles are shifting all the time – particularly with the explosion in the use of tablets and other mobile devices.

    The UK has one of the most developed and best-analysed online bingo markets in the world. Just six years ago, market research by Mintel showed that approximately 50,000 people were playing online bingo regularly in the country. Today, the equivalent figure is over three million. So there’s been a huge surge in demand for online bingo – a fact not lost on the major providers who jockey continually for position with ever-more creative advertising and, of course, ever-more generous introductory bonuses, free games, and myriad other promotions to lure punters in to get their “eyes down”.

    One of the most successful sites in this regard of late has been Landmark Bingo. Landmark Bingo offers online bingo and over 35 games on this website which can be played for free or real cash. Get 1150% bonus on first three deposits to play bingo, slots, casino and scratch cards to win exciting prizes.

    Landmark Bingo offers ongoing promotions with different games more or less daily – along with loyalty bonuses for players staying with the site. Play fast to multiply your jackpot winnings up to £5,000 every week. This kind of promotion is replicated throughout the industry – though it has to be said - not usually quite as generously as this. 

    In short - the competition is fierce.    

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  • Nov 20, 2015 7:00:01 PM

    Includes all 21 one-hour episodes of Season 4!

    Ponch and Jon are back in the fourth installment of the six season series of highway crime fighting, as CHiPs: The Complete Fourth Season is released for fans to enjoy! The star-studded cast includes Golden Globe nominated Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox as California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers Francis “Ponch” Poncherello and Jon Baker. The successful series has inspired the all-new upcoming theatrical release starring Dax Shepard as Jon Baker and Michael Peña as Frank Poncherello. The excitement and action-packed drama continues as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases CHiPs: The Complete Fourth Season on March 15, 2016 for $29.9

    In season four, the highway adventures continue with Ponch and Jon as they continue to keep the busy freeway of California safe from crime. Whether making routine stops for speeding or nabbing criminals on the run, California Highway Patrol is on the case. Nothing can stop these fearless partners, as they hit the streets of Southern California, in the pursuit of justice and highway safety. CHiPs: The Complete Fourth Season provides endless entertainment and action throughout all 21 episodes and will leave you longing for the release of season five!

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  • Nov 20, 2015 6:00:03 PM
    By Marshall Julius

    A sleep-talking Marshall at the Movies throws a one-man pyjama party to mark the insufferably tedious The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2. Guest critic and young person Phoebe Julius chimes in for her generation.

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    Now, on with the show!

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  • Nov 20, 2015 5:00:02 PM
    By Erin Maxwell

    Marvel’s Jessica Jones is something completely new. It isn’t just another gritty, dark reboot set in a menacing urban landscape. It isn’t a hero of our beloved childhood that is now fighting for justice in a dark costume and a five o’clock shadow. No. This is something new.

    Jessica Jones is a wonder. For those unfamiliar with the Marvel character, the hard talking, hard drinking, human chimney was always dark.

    But in the new Netflix series, she is a revelation.

    While Marvel has long be been the champion of the superhero adaptation on the silver screen, it has been a struggle to bring the dynamic to the boob tube for a while. There have been many, many, many attempts, but only a few successes, and fewer long-term hits.

    A least until recently.

    Within this new Golden Age of Television, the rebirth of the small screen format has classic characters formats new playgrounds in which to romp. The lines between what is a hero and what defines a villain have blurred ever since the day Walter White demanded that Declan to say his name.

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