This is something I'm looking forward to.  It is a new indie horror comic from Sean French (writer) and (artist) Mortimer Glum.  This is going to be AWESOME!!!!!


    The story is audacious: First, attempts to clone Jesus result in the creation of monsters.  The evil twin

    of Jesus is planning (naturally) evil.  An ailing Pope sends a Vatican Black Ops Team  to snatch the

    Jesus clone for his healing powers. 


    The artwork is AMAZING.  Glum's work reminds me of a more polished and better version of the old glossy EERIE (EERIE pubs - Tales of Voodoo, Weird, Terror Tales, etc - not Warren's EERIE magazine)

    Great use of color, VERY GRAPHIC, smooth lines.  This guy is GREAT!!!!


    I looked at their website and I saw some samples of the story and artwork.  It took my breath away.  This is incredbile stuff.  The dialogue and narrative move well.  The story is edgy, but not just to offend.  Horror is about the fantastic, and this is just far enough out there to be truly shocking.  The pictures are graphic, but they convey not just gore but real horror.   It looks like it might be offensive to some - so if you don't do gore, or if you might be offended by a corrupt church or the evil twin of Clone Jesus, you might want to skip this one.  If not, go for it.  THis looks like a dark and wild ride.


    Lately, there's been a lot of good horror out there.  Avatar is constantly impressing me with both story and art Gravel coming back, Stitched, Ferals, Uber; all great stuff.  Ursa Minor, Screwed, Extinction Parade, The recent Evil Ernie reboot, Crow Curare (one of the best Crow mini-series EVER)all good new stuff.  OLder stuff - the Creepy and Eerie restarts, Haunt of Horror (love my Pre-Code Horror!) even the Walking Dead - after all these years, good horror continues to impress. 


    Lots of indie labels are out there doing amazing things. Escape from Jesus Island - if it's as good as the samples and cover artwork on the website, could jump right to the head of the pack.  


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  • Shawn French
    Shawn French Thanks for the write-up, AD! If you'd like a PDF review copy of our premiere issue, drop me a note and let me know where to send it. Thanks.
    December 26, 2013