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     Written Tim Seeley


    Art Daniel Leister


    Main Cover Stefano Caselli


    Variant A  Tim Seeley


    Variant B Christopher Mitten


    ComicWow! Rating 10 of 10


    I have to start here with a caveat. I like the whole Evil Dead/Army of Darkness thing, but I love Hack/Slash. I'm one of the guys who buys anything written by Tim Seeley - even "Lovebunny and Mr Hell." (Check it out - it's way better than it sounds!) If you haven't read the whole thing, get the first five issues and read them first. We all know that Hack/Slash ended a while ago - a bittersweet semi-happy ending with the death of Vlad, one of the main characters, and Cassie ending her 'career as a horror hunter to settle into domestic life.  Tim Seeley wrote this, and not only does he shows that he has not lost a step in the Hack/Slash universe, he proves that he is equally adept in the multiverse of Ash, the Necronomicon, and the Deadites.



    This was the miniseries that horror fans have been waiting for, and it has been worth the wait. Of course, the sixth issue of a six-issue mini-series has the potential of making or breaking the entire run. A lot is riding on the how Seeley brings his characters across the metaphorical 'finish line.'


    If you have been following this series, you know that Ash and Cassie are working together to defeat the Necronomicon - similar in many ways to Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, but Todd was played for laughs. This is deadly serious. The serial killer killer and the man with the chainsaw punch have ended up in the far past, where Ash's knowledge of the Deadites and Cassie's general proficiency at butt-kicking have brought them together to take on a Deadite uprising. Cassie sees in the Necronomicon's powers and time travel the possibility of saving Vlad from his death at the hands of the slasher cult of Akikios...



    Here's the BIG question - no spoilers - will Seeley bring back Vlad?  Yes or no, this will change everything. How will he handle it?


    What will happen to Margaret, Cassie's girlfriend and Sandra, their daughter? Will Cassie return to horror hunting? What will happen to Ash? This issue is the climax to an awesome crossover mini-series.


    This is a great miniseries for horror fans, and readers who love zombies, supernatural fiction and action.  If you love Ash and the Army of Darkness, the Evil Dead (old or new: groovy), or Hack/Slash, then you not only want this, you NEED this.

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    AD Boorman