Denys Cowan's Artwork "Found"

  • The infamous “lost” art of Denys Cowan has been returned to its rightful owner… Denys Cowan.


    In early December 2013 Michael Davis and Denys Cowan shipped multiple pieces of artwork to Baltimore for the Milestones: African Americans in Comics, Pop Culture & Beyond exhibit at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum.  Upon arrival all of Davis’ artwork had arrived but the museum was deeply dismayed to find out that the box containing Cowan’s pieces seemed to be open and all but 1 piece remained inside.  28 pieces in total had been “lost” by UPS.  The Milestones exhibit went on as planned despite the fact that some of its focal pieces were now not going to make the show.


    An enraged team of Michael Davis, Missy Geppi, Steve Geppi, and others took to social media to get the word out about what happened.  Informing everyone in our industry, to be on the lookout for anyone trying to shop these one-of-a-kind pieces of art around.  The beauty of the comic book industry is that we are a close community, nothing like this can squeak by us.


    Low and behold, a month later UPS has “found” Cowan’s art.  Some pieces are not in the condition sent but at least they are back where they should be.  These treasures were almost lost forever, here’s what Cowan had to say on his Facebook:


    First off, I would like to thank the thousands of fans who reached out concerned about my missing artwork. 

    Due to the efforts of my friend, Michael Davis, as well as the entire Geppi family, most especially Missy Geppi, the President of the Geppi Entertainment Museum, UPS "found" and returned the artwork. 

    Every single page has been returned to me -- all 28 pieces. I'm elated, but also dismayed because of the condition of some of the artwork. 

    However, I'm grateful for all the love and support. It continues to help me through a tough time.

    A special thanks to Steve Geppi for his personal involvement in this difficult situation.


    No one will know what really happened in the last month with these pieces, but we are sure that Denys is glad to have them back.  The comic community and determination once again prevails.  Congratulations Denys for getting back your treasures and making sure they will be around for a long time to come.