Hawken Melee #1 Archaia- ComicWow! review

  • Hawken Melee #1- ComicWow! Review


    Hawken Melee #1

    By Dan Abnet

    Art by Federico Dallocchio

    This book rates 9 out of 10

                Some comics are all about unfolding a larger story, they have witty banter, well developed characters, and twists and turns that shock and surprise the reader.  Given how well those books are usually written it’s really easy to think of that as the best way to write a book.  But Hawken Melee #1 proved that wrong.  Hawken Melee #1 is an action packed thrill ride from start to finish.  As a reader, I don’t normally equate my comics to being adrenaline fodder, but there really isn’t another way to describe it.  If Hawken Genesis the game is half as exciting as this issue is, then certainly small children will get seizures from having too much fun playing it.  The issue is titled “20 Seconds” and the entire issue takes place pretty much through twenty seconds in a combat zone.  The story follows one warrior in a battle suit who has to survive twenty seconds till his relief can arrive.  He takes damage right at the start of the battle, and while he is injured the adrenaline kicks in and he takes the fight to his enemies despite being outnumbered. 


                Dallocchio’s illustrations and Northrop’s coloring provide evocative images for the reader.  It brings life and vitality to the book.  As I was reading the story, I found myself feeling the tension that Draden Lusk is experiencing.  The way he’s moving around identifying the targets and trying to fight while outnumbered and outgunned.  The gripping imagery is perfectly counterbalanced by the Dan Abnet’s superlative writing.  The whole story consists of an internal monologue.  The only way you know Lusk’s name is by reading the notes on the first page, which appear alongside the credits for the author.   You don’t need to know Lusk’s backstory to care about him in the moment. You don’t need to know why this battle is happening.  None of it matters; the story is complete all on its own.  Read this book you will be floored.